Mamikon Badalyan

In 1998 an institution was founded in AbovyanCity which was called ” The Art Studio of Estrada and Jazz”. It was the second one in the Republic of Armenia, and the first one was ” The Erevan Art Studio of Estrada and Jazz”.

This studio propagates jazz music as this kind of music inclines to retreat. The founder of the Studio is Mamikon Badalyan. He has graduated from the ErevanStateUniversity the faculty of chemistry, then the faculty of psychology and parallel he has studied in the Erevan Art Collage of Estrada and Jazz. Since 1993 he has been working as the soloist in Public Radio and in the TV Estrada Symphonic  band. He is the author about 70 songs, which are protected in the Golden Fond of Republic Radio.

From the early foundation the studio has the following departments guitar, art music of trumpet, design and painting.   in coming school study the department of dance( ballet and national) will be opened. The Art Studio of Estrada and Jazz has organized many festivals like Kotayk 2001( devoted to 1700 anniversary of Christianity), Abovyan 2002( national fest competition of stage art), Abovyan 2003( Republican fest competition devoted to 40 anniversary of the City).

If the organized festivals and competitions can be pointed, the participation in many fest competitions and generally in concerts is hard to count. His alumnus for many times have been entitled to Golden medals, certificates, honorary deeds( Zhora Hakobyan, Roman Ericyan, Eduard Masakhyan).

For the presentation of the national song in a new, modern way Garnik Aghadzanyan has deserved golden medal. The alumnus of “The Art Studio of Estrada and Jazz” are very liked and known first of all in their native city in Abovyan. This year is the 70 anniversary of Aliosha Abrahamyan the hard working artist and leader.



For this occasion a musical group should be opened in this studio and the leader of fine arts will be Aliosha Abrahamyan. But it is worthy to mention that it is surprise for him too. It is pity to note that this group will be destroyed if there arent any sponsors who will support their future activity.

And we hope that Mamikon Badalyan and his group will participate in many festivals and represent AbovyanCity excellently. 


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