Paintings are just like babies

“Paintings are just like babies. First they are born, then you have to bring them up.

At times they can be very naughty and not behave themselves. And you experience all this with them”. This is what thinks of the art petals the author of “Ararat from above”, a painting that you cannot leave unnoticed and just pass by.

At first you see a blooming white flower, but as you come closer, you are thrilled to discover that the white of the composition is the holy snow of Ararat that has been sitting there for ages.

Razmik Sargsian was born in 1959 in Tehran, Persia. His family moved to Abovyan, Armenia when he was only 11. After graduating from the local school he studied at AbovyanSamvelSevadaArtSchool, then completed his education by taking private art lessons and working in Yerevan with Liparit Qaramian. Razmik Sargsian is married and has two daughters, one studying law and the other music at the conservatory. The other important member of the family is Linda, a seven-year-old female decorative dog, that is a devoted friend and a great help in calming our artist down, when needed.

Razmik paints in no specific style, giving it no particular importance as long as you are expressing yourself. From his “expressions” so far he likes best a small painting called “A Feeling from Inside”, that demonstrates a blown up sky. His favorite means of expression is the the color ochre. Another factor here would be one of his 15.000 CDs that he plays when working. And when he sells his paintings he gives along all the positive energy accumulated in them. Most of the time Razmik works at night, “and when I am not painting, I am thinking about what I am going to paint next”.

He has a great many nature paintings, because people are no longer true particles of nature and “people buy nature paintings only for being closer to it”.

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