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Monologue (about Needy)

Armenian Version is Here

I really miss the flowers that used to fade in
midnight and at dawn rise their blue eyes up. I really miss the moss that used to cover the stones like a bride and give rules to the passer by. I really miss, Oh, that kind of Needy that goes goes and at last becomes a Legend.

Why very often I miss without any reason, without anybodys request? And in my imprudent and reckless horizon I build myself a huge tower of Needy. And generally whom I miss, and with my own feelings I made my minds careless cells feel hard. But on the other side, who told that while missing the phenomena is severely necessary. Oh, my poor thoughts, you are so mixed, like pell-mell that you make only a contradiction in this nightmare.

A so I am fighting with my thoughts  nearly several years, and very often I ask many people: “What you miss in this  life very often?” Some of them say:” Oh, I miss my Childhood”, the others like:”
Oh, I miss my First Love”, and the majority says:” It is really difficult to  say…”

And I – myself miss the sparkling  star that hangs in the sky, which I have seen only a day before, I miss the
voice of the wind that seems very angry towards the people anxiously rustling to
my window, I miss the profound old man that used to sit on the bench of the yard
who every time extremely carefully put out his pipe and smoke so astonishing
that one can notice he wantes to forget the bitter memories of his

And now you think what you miss very  often?

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