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On the way to glory

original, Armenian Version is here

In sunset when the tiresome sun was getting down, when the evening lyric covered the hemisphere, the naughty boy had definite purpose to press a quite big portion of cucumber into the exhaust pipe of occasional car. As the street was not so full of people, it was rather comfortable to carry out the “work”.


He approached to the auto quietly, and was crutched to the basket with back, then took out the autumn yellowed cucumber out of his shirt and put it into the exhaust with indescribable speed. In order to check the successfully done work, he went forward a little bit, then turned back slowly, observed the exhaust and leaved pretending indifference.

He went far as much as it is necessary to be in the shadow and keep the auto in his control.

A slight wind arose and the naughty boy imagined once more how the master of the auto would come, ignorant of the fact would try to put into being the mover and the dreamed moment would take place ( the muffler would detonate with intensively thunder, and there would be a real bustle, pell- mell.

The driver who, I guess, would be in a panic, ignorant and surprised would make efforts to understand the situation, people would gather and discuss and the most curious one of them finding out the  entirely blacken portion of cucumber , would cry with surprise:

– What an intelligence and malice, and in whom mind it will cross.

Of course the boy was not so stupid not to keep his joy in him. He would wait for hours till the people calm down, would wait for days till the accident became an amusing story, and only after that he would confess with pride who is the author of that creation.

He even imagined after many years when he would be a father, in any party would boast and tell the story of that sinistrous cucumber, and would astonish his children with his inventions. While the boy was captured with his imagination, the wind got violent and the dust hit the forehead of the left people, but it wasnt a reason to sad him.

The boy said some innocent four-letter words and continued to follow the object stubbornly. The sweet was the wait that would crowned with glory.

In sunset the moon and the stars were in that situation i.e. in that wait. The sun gave its place to the other lightening objects. The stars were shinning proudly in the Universe and the moon smiled to the world satisfactorily. It was getting cold. The naughty boy subduing his parents went to bed waiting for the glory that he would have tomorrow. In the sunrise when the cat was sitting in the electric pillar frightened by the dog, when the night of the lovers left unfinished, the naughty boy was sleeping quite deeply.

The owner of the car came, opened the door and wanted to move on it, but it sounded miserably. The efforts were in vain.

The interested side found out that somebody had emptied the petrol and filled the place totally with soft-soap…


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