Gosoku- Ryu International Karate association

“If we keep all the sport-masters of the world for fighting in one room, the only person who can get out of that room surely will be Kubota”. This phrase belongs to Khose Phraguas, which has its own place in his book called” The masters of the Karate” (300 pages) and it had published in 2001.


69 years old Takajuki Kubota has deserved such honorary names as “Alive legend of karate”, “The overlord of inner and external power”,” The founder of Soke style” and he has 10 Dan quality. He regards as the founder of an effective and unique “Gosoku” style as well as the founder and the president of an International Karate Association (IKA). This is a simply preface for the ones who are interested in sport in order to get some idea what is generally this kind of Karate style and who is the founder.

Let’s come back to Armenia, particularly to AbovyanCity. In June 3-6, Gosoku-Ryu style European open Championship took place in Ukraine, City Sunni where participated almost all the countries of the world ( I want to say with proud) , and of course Abovyan City, which is the only one in Armenia that deals with such kind of sport, and they represented the Republic of Armenia.


Three sportsmen left from Abovyan – Hambarcumyan Nikoghos, Grigoryan Andranik, Vasilyan Poghos with their trainer Vahik Sinani who has an international Black belt, 2 Dan in the style of Gosoku- Ryu, International Black belt 1 Dan in the style of Gjosinmon Sjorin Ryu and he has took the honorary second place.


{mosimage}It is very pity to mention that our sportsmen had gone to the competitions without somebody’s support, as our honorable businessmen couldn’t touch their pockets. With the cause of finance our sportsmen missed the championship of the World’s Stars which held in Los- Angeles, Glendale though the boys were physically ready to compete.


Armenia and in the City Abovyan the style of Gosoku- Ryu founded Vahik Sinani in 1992. His alumnus had participated in many regional, Republican, European championships and had brought cups, honorary-deeds, certificates and regarded as the best sportsmen in the Republic of Armenia. Since 1992 Vahik Sinani has been one of the best sportsmen in Armenia. He studies his alumnus not only this style of Japanese sport but also morality. I was present one of their studding and heard their motto which honestly I liked very much:


1.                              Let’s try to get more knowledge

2.                              Let’s respect everyone

3.                              Let’s avoid furious or not moral behavior

4.                              Let’s be faithful

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