The joy of long living is in slow living

Oh, they presented their creations which were too audacious, daring, I will say even dangerously frightening.

“Painting is our world and we like to draw very much”.

Davit and Haykaz Poghosyans described their first and personal exhibition in this way. The major of Abovyan City K. Israelyan had the honor to head the opening ceremony. And even these children couldnt realize that they were born to be geniuses, as their childish world is stronger, more courageous, and more colorful than each of us has. The city Abovayn gave two more “I” to its citizens. 



They are only 11 -12 years old, but they already managed to show themselves that they can turn upside down the world thanks to their imagination and thinking horizon. Maybe here the gene played great role as since 2-3 years their first teacher has been their father.

One of the guests (painter, musician Davit Begoyan) of the ceremony mentioned that these children should be restrained in order their creative world live more.   

 I want to notice that the pictures were unique. At first sight it seams that it is unfinished, still warm but the work embodied its saying in it. The brothers will have many successes if they continue drawing in the future shaping their own “I“.

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