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I know one definite thing I am the Armenia,I am an Armenian…

 The Armenian Navy Band was formed in 1988 in Yerevan, when the founder Arto Tuncboyaciyan finally made up his mind to live and create in his fatherland. Arto was born in 1957 in Turkey in the Armenian descent of the Anatolian root. In the family his brother Onno was a professional musician who encouraged Arto to take up the music seriously. At the age of 11 he started his musical carrier with his brother playing national music. In 1981 Arto moved to USA for capturing it. Since then he has played not only in USA but also in Europe.

Soon Arto started cooperating with Armenian musicians and an idea rose for founding a small orchestra and represent national music along with modern one in a fused shape.

The group is composed of 12 members – Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Anahit Artushyan, Armen Ayvazyan, Armen Hyusnunts, Ashot Harutiunyan, David Nalchajyan, Tigran Suchyan, Norayr Kartashyan, Vardan Grigoryan, Arman Jalalyan, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, Vardan Arakelyan. They demonstrate the avant-garde folk” style music to the public i.e. taking into account roots of Armenian national music and with the instrument vary from traditional (percussions, sazabo, kanun, kemanche, tenor & soprano sax, trombone, alto sax, trumpet, blul, duduk, zurna, drums an keyboards) they make both rock, pop and jazz seasoned with Artos unique vocal. As Arto mentioned first he created the music after the ensemble scented it. The band had many tours in abroad USA, Germany, Czech  Republic  etc.

We wondered how the foreigners comprehend and accept the avantgarde folk music which is on the bases of Armenian national one. “If they perceive, feel and like they accept it well”. The vivid example is that in 2004 the Armenian Navy Band was recognized as the World best musical group.

Artos songs come into being from life; express the principal Armenian question i.e. the acceptation of the genocide (“Stupid” song).

Arto pointed out that each of us coming into this world should leave one trace and his mission is thought his songs put the people into the correct way:” …you should go in your way, my way is open for me and yours for you…”

Art Tuncboyacyan gets offended when he is asked; “Do you consider yourself an Armenian”. “I am an Armenian and I am the Armenia. The words cant determine am I Armenian or not but the work, belief. Belief is in you and me, the important task is to be pure. I dont appreciate the person regarding his religion, or nationality”.

Getting in touch with numerous people from different countries Arto thinks that the Armenian has two main problems i.e. the Shame and the Fear. “We are not clear towards each other”.

Amazing person he is, he has a peculiar humor and you never get boring having a talk with him. Not only his songs express philosophy but also his mind. And having passed the labyrinth of life Arto understood that two ways exist for understanding it: “To look and to hear. But for understanding my songs and actually me to speak with eyes, to see with ears and to listen with the mount”.

After having heard the name Abovyan Arto Tuncboyacian immediately reacted:” Is it a place for having a barbeque? Reality he hasnt know anything about the Abovyan city as he mentioned that knowing it he should live there for shaping an idea of people and problems. Abovyan city for him is the Armenia, the same are the other cities of the Armenia as they are in the borders of Armenia. He has a wish to have a tour in regions of Armenia as well.

He has two children Sedrak and Valentin. Here the Armenian blood played a great role as he called his children in the name of his parents. And as an ending Arto said that we are parting expecting to meet in Abovyan.

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