Bridge Between Space and Human Being

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Thanks for letting us see this amazing building.
We are lost in a fantastic place. I havent seen such a thing in my lifetime.Good luck.
Brian Ellery, BBC


Human unusual passion and lonely wild fanatic……..

Levon Araqelyan recognized like this more than 20 years ago. In 1985 when he was 43 years old with the request of his wife Tosya he went down to dig a pit for potatoes. An extraordinary stroke of spade and it was the beginning builder became an ardent subterranean. For master Levon the only work and desire became the realization of the mission. He was straggling like the Count of Monte Cristo, but this time against the nature particularly the rock which was almost invincible, according to his neighbors. But to our great surprise the magic is still going on in this life.



Master Levon has constructed dwelling buildings for 25 years including the house in which his family is living, it is located not far from the Abovyan city, in the village Avan-Arinj (now it belongs to Kotayk region).



Hammer, chisel and prolonged 20 years. “From here begins my life which is ordered by God. I am ruled from the space, I see every millimeter and centimeter in my dreams and in visions, they gave me the information and I carry out it involuntarily. This is the fancy of God and I am called to realize it…”, – tells master Levon.



I dont know how to call that miracle which I have seen in my eyes dugout, antiquity; mystery which has become reality… it is an area of 20 meter depth the cause of which has been the pit for potatoes typical to Armenian family.



So master Levon began to dig and dig, stroked with hammer and chisel which turned into drops of sweat and the drops in their turn into 6 rooms which were decorated in antique ornaments, amazing thing the author of which is a simple constructor master Levon. How I try to tell and describe – in vain; you should be witness of that miracle.



“Yes, yes it is build by my hands. The stone inspired me and involved in it. I have been working 20 years and should work 30 years more, 80 rooms left for digging; how and in what project Ill make I dont know; only God knows”, – says Master Levon.  In one of these rooms your whishes come true and you just discharge, relax. These confirm thousand of visitors and 12 scientists who after having investigated it found out that the positive magnetic field and charge of that small room were very strong and they thought maybe that place was a sanctuary once and only that power made miracles. I also tried and really very unusual power and tranquility captured my body, I discharged so much that even if I stood 10 minutes more I would loose my consciousness.  



Master Levon is from Mush and he tells that the grandfather of his mother was called Mukhsi Eram(last one is his real name). The cause was that he went to Jerusalem on foot for vow and returned also on foot; that time who passed so long way on foot was printed and they were named Mukhsi. From here his name became like Mukhsi Eram. Master Levon thinks maybe this mission is the result of that vows print.



“I am shouting, people believe me I get the power from the space, I am so proud and happy that this fancy realizes one of the ancient nations of the world Armenia. I am surprising as well, why me? All this is made by me?” Many popular TV channels of the world have spoken and are speaking about it (BBC, CNN), people pay a visit from different corners of the world Poland, China, Britain, Japan, France, Russia, USA(Glendale, New York, Los Angeles..) etc. In Armenia all the TV channels and radios have spoken about it. But master Levon surprises that for now the Abovyan local TV channels havent visited him for elucidating. When we were reading the impressions, opinions, just words of admirations of visitors, master Levon wanted to quote the words of his co-villager which was very cordial for him:” Miracle. You are the luckiest person of the world whom chose God”, (Karine, Avan Arinj).



{mosimage}30 years more master Levon will pass his nights in the subterranean, 30 years more Mrs. Tosya will complain that she cant see her husband for days, she is partly alone, days will pass but master Levon wont think of having meals, wont feel hunger. And this entire he makes alone, without anybodys help and without the support of State…..though he makes his mission with spiritual pleasant.



So we Armenians particularly the citizens of Abovyan city can say with proud that the unique miracle is situated in Armenia.   

















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