Dear mothers we gift the most beautiful flowers of the world to you…

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Spring is a renaissance, the spring is a new life when you want to love, when the soul flies out of the cage and soars in most inconceivable corners of the world. In my opinion, this is the shape of the spring. And as we – Armenians are gallant, mother, family; children are the primary things for us; so its not accidental that one spring-month is devoted exactly to them (from March 8th to the April 7th).

Such magnificent occasion are not ignored in Abovyan city. We celebrate all the fests with splendor sponsored by “Multi Group” company, and organized by the “Abovyan” local TV channel. The 8th of March is one more case to venerate fighters for freedoms wives, to thank their families and relatives. Thay pay attention also to Abovyans cultural centers, the state institutions, colleges, to the agents of the library and so on.


At the party the Abovyan dancing clubs (“Smile”, “Hatis”, “Nazenik”, “and Mush”), the singing club “Erzrum” raised the guests mood, and Grigor Hambaryan participated in this matinee with his beautiful singing. Everybody was thankful and happy. Her acknowledgments express mother of the fighter for freedom Sona Kirakosyan wishing all the best to mothers and widows of the fighters for freedom. One of the guests gifted her handmade work carpet (written Lords Prayer) to Mr. G. Tsarukyan.


Ms. Azniv through congratulates all the Armenian women of the world: “Words fail me to express my hearts wishes to the mothers, be happy with all your heart, we are conservative nation and the role of the women is irreplaceable in our homes. God bless that you find real happiness in your families. My congratulation to the women, thanks to Mr. G. Tsaroukyan that he seldom undertakes such parties, so we get splendid opportunity to relive our old and good times”.

As the spring is the symbol of birth and it always presents us much flowers, our benefactor gifted all the women wonderful roses and his congratulations…





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