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In view of the Womens holiday Elona beauty salon organized seminar training the aim of which was the exchange of experiences. Anna Hayrapetyan was guest in Abovyan city and in “Elona” beauty salon. Anna has graduated from the Optimus training center in Moscow, has a professional pediatrists diploma, she has been retrained in Germany and France, has participated in Wella color congress of international seminars in Sochy in 2001-2003. This was her second visit in Abovyan, for the first time she participated in “Navasard” party as a member of the jury, thus the aim of second visit was the exchange of experiences and here she represented the European most fashionable haircuts and color tones 

The director of “Elona” beauty salon said that the aim of this seminar was also to form a close connection with Yerevan and prove that the regions dont yield the capital, moreover the motivation comes directly from the regions and talents are born here too.


There were invited “Abovyan” TV channel, Miss Navasard (Karine Avetisyan), the representative of “Avazar” company, the professor of “Orbely” university Anahit Hayrapetyan and

The hairdressers of “Elona” beauty salon decided to celebrate the coming of the spring like this. Its worth to mention that Anna Hayrapetyan having 10 years experience in this sphere marked: “The Abovyan women are not inferior to the worlds women at all with their taste and beauty and our task is to help them for their self-display and shaping of individuality”.  


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