Genocide commemoration in friendship museum

Armenian version is here

90 years ago busted the frank artery of our history. Which is the guilt of our nation surrendered to the massacre, which was deprived of first from his children, land and water related to kinship…? 

Today the world speaks out about the Armenian genocide. And many events and inspiring matinees are organized nearly everywhere which keep our memories and straggling soul vigilant and awake.

And one of these inspiring matinees held in the museum of Armenian and Russian friendship organized by the museum authority and the student council; photos were represented which are facts and evidence about the massacre of the Young Turks. 

The Erzrum kids’ band (director Grigor Hambaryan) participated with their patriotic songs and soloist Haykuhi Adyan. The member of the student’s council Vladimir Khachatryan presented the genocide to the guests according to the photos. Thanks to the members of the student’s council and one of the organizers Aslik Hakobyan, the aim is one that genocide hasnt been excused 90 years ago and is not done today…but one can be convinced that nothing of the Armenian nation’s elevated virtues can be diminished from the Armenian’s life. 

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