Poghos – Petros

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Poghos Petros chapel sanctuary is a building nearly from 13thcentaury and at the 30s of the last century master Grigor saw its traces in his dream and continued to construct it completely. Since that day Poghos Petros have become sanctuary. Every year after two weeks of the Easter, Poghos Petros holiday is celebrated with pilgrimage.

Two chapels of the sanctuary have been reconstructed in 1969 and in 1989 and the couples who reconstructed it have been buried in the yard of the chapels. We met their grandchildren who every year come to this pilgrimage from Beirut almost with kith and kin, celebrate this holiday and remember their grandfather and grandmother with pride. With the supports of the benefactors were repaired also the roads that lead to the sanctuary and the bridge which bundles two steeps.


One of the peasants told us that there was an interesting public tradition; Poghos and Petros were brothers, so one day they lost their cattle and their step-mother drove them out of the house biting. The brothers wandered on the hills and gorges calling each other: “Are you over there Poghos? ………No”, “Are you over there Petros? …………No”. So God seeing pitted them and made sacred and since that the chapels have been called Poghos Petros.

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