So much flowers, so much Love, so much kindnesses

Civilization in the process of development and cultivation reverberates to environmental beauty. People tend to embellish their environment in a course of certain spiritual progress.  


Seeing the treatment of European nations towards the surroundings, taking into consideration the achievement of this civilization in the sphere of infrastructural formation, an enviable feeling covers each person at least to imitate them in order to put in good order our surroundings as well.



A glance to the Europe: being there reluctantly feast ones eyes the grown flowers of the dwelling houses balcony, besides their solicitous treatment towards the flowers, tastefully decoration which is nearly a habit for them, which gives marvelous pleasure us i.e. the Armenians.  


It seems to me that being in Europe at least once and seeing that wonderful scene one cant forget their gardens, the scene of rushed flowery in front of the gardens and all these promote to feel spiritual perfection. I dont think that it is the social matter its more a spiritual delight which is the display of reaching to nature harmony. A man can see, feel the beauty and make it more perfect.  


And in our reality, the least which is created doesnt deserve a decent solicitous, the causes are invented as if there are no proper circumstances for it, as if the climate is inauspicious… no, we just worry of our personal problems more than the environment,  but we dont realize that ignoring our environment we just ignore ourselves step by step.  


And maybe it is because of the case that we dont have the public exactingness to this problem or maybe the government doesnt care of the environmental beauty and let it just to the persons good nature… 


Anyway, walking in Abovyan city which is considered to be a green city, it should be marked with sorrow that not many people could decorate the environment with flowery. Considering worthy these less people we want to hope that itll take a mass turn in future.   


So much flowers, so much Love, so much kindnesses.







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