One of the oldest and most important arts is painting – of which is a great presenter Armenian artist Samvel Sevada. Very well recognized in his beautiful country of Armenia and in the diaspora, Sevada is the national painter and the poet of the day. His name goes around the community for being a true artist and a poet at the same time. But Sevada is not only recognized in the Armenian community, also in Europe and in the Western Hemisphere of the globe

Sevada’s paintings provide people with both enjoyment and information. His pictures are distinctive for their clear, rhythmic line, delicate color, lavish decoration, and poetic feeling. He does not try to represent space according to the laws of perspective, or the human body and its movemeets according to the laws of anatomy. The artist can reach back into the past and paint a historical event, a religious story, or a myth. He may paint pictures that show no clear subject matter at all. Instead, he arranges the paint in some abstract way that expresses feelings or ideas that are important to him. All his great paintings regardless of subject matter, share a common feature. They do more than just reproduce with paint something that exists, or can be imagined. They also express the painter’s special view about a subject.

Sevada’s style has changed throughout the years, but hasn’t lost its label. Some of his paintings were banned in Armenia partcularly those whose symboism reflected dissatisfaction with the government. He dreamt of a free country, many of the paintings he did in Armenia were left behind when he came here. because they did not reflect his “soul”. Currently, Sevada lives in the States, where he takes advantage of the Great Freedom and expresses it openly in his paintings and poems helping his students do the same.

His success started blooming at a very young age not only with the poetic paintings, but also with the colors of poetry. It would be great to know how this amazing artist thinks when he wants to write or to paint. Surely, one helps the other. His work is always organized to some degree into a unified whole. Sevada’s audience appreciates his art. It gives us pleasure, an inexhaustible source of joy. A great masterpiece of a painting has the power to capture and hold our fullest and most concentrated attention. We become completely wrapped up in it, and everything works out right. As we grow more and more aware of the painting, its parts seem to belong together and to be made for each other. We perceive harmony in the object and feel harmony within ourselves. With the aesthetic experience, we often feel uplifted and refreshed, our understanding of moral values sharpen and refine.

This is a true artist, brave enough to see the truth in everything. He believes in the beauty of man. His colors, his lines, his exquisite expressive ways, light; and shadows are very dynamic and always in movement. In artist’s understanding, painting is self sacrifice, an attempt to prove yourself in this big world and probably a wonderful chance to reach to the perfection of soul. Also, he finds simple words to convey his intimate feeling, in fact, he continues drawing this time with words.

Sevada is in a big rush. The reason is simple. There are so many ideas yet undrawn, so many words unsaid, so many questions unanswered and so many dreams unrealized….

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