Abovyan city distinguishes with being musical

Abovyan city distinguishes with being musical. Even in the 70-ies it had the ensemble with national musical instruments, which was famous not only in Armenia. Its manager is Mr. Alyosha Abrahamyan.

The other school which is also known with its gorgeous traditions is the MusicSchool by “Zareh Sahakyants” the director is Mr. Babken Mkhitaryan.

Not being homogeneous (many people were immigrated here from different regions, countries …) Abovyan became a basis for cultural and musical developing especially for pop, folk and vocal ensembles. The people who used to learn there, now manage themselves in different groups . So are “Akunk”, the art-adviser is Mr. Ashot Aroustamyan , the music college of jazz and pop (the art-adviser is Mr. Mamikon Badalyan), the choir ” Erzrum” (art-adviser is Grigor Hambaryan) and others. Among those who works individually we can name Rouzanna Kirakosyan (canon player), Anahit Kirakosyan (the soloist in the National Opera House), Andranik Davtyan(the violinist of symphony orchestra in Opera House), Armen Arakelyan(the pianist) and others. They are so many, that I cant count all of them, but I promise Ill do it later.


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