Varouzh Aghadjanyan: Talented Musician

Motherland is a home for everybody. It is our heart and soul. Every Armenian must be patriotic Only because of this patriotism our country became free and independent the people of Abovyan is not only patriotic but artistic also.

The same feelings has Varouzh Aghadjanyan, (Vrezh). He was born in December, 1961 . After serving in the army he came back to Abovyan and together with some theatre fans got down to creating the national theatre “Hayely” which means “the mirror”. As he says himself “The repertory is very large, I cant count it”.

In 1986 he was admitted to Chelyabinsk Cultural Institute to the department of Tyumen (in a correspondence course). But as he participated in the struggle for independence in Armenia and Artsakh in 1988 he wasnt able to graduate it. His patriotism was seen at the war in Artsakh where he went as a volunteer. Varouzh also had a talent to poetry which afterwards becomes a song.

Many times he participated in urban and republican festivals and in 1996 he became a laureate at a song festival. He has more than hundred works and 70 of them are songs. In USA, 2000 he released his first laser album.

” Speak, Armenia!” Now he prepares to publish his first book and later he is going to release the second laser album dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of Armenian massacre.

He is married and has two daughters: Nrane and Sevnara. ( Just look at his patriotism!)
Nowadays he works at the educational complex in Abovyan city as an art-adviser. And I want to notice that even the upbringing of his family is strictly armenian.

Music presented by Varouzh Aghadjanyan: Voske Vandak ~2MB-wma!

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