Akunk art-studio will exist while the song is hoavering on our planet!

As for me  a song is a call of soul and expression of emotions and feelings.

My dear readers, I dont know if you have ever heard, remember or if you are familiar with the name of Ashot Aroustamyan and his works, but here in Abovyan city hearing his name we apprehend him as a man who composes , sings and passes his genre to the wards of “Akunk” art-studio being at the same time its art-adviser and a founder.


 “Akunk” has a history of 25 years. Perhaps you are also one of his alumnus and now you too remember your songs that were taken place frequently on the stage of Abovyan city.And we, as  spectators, were so much excited by the performance of wards from”Akunk” art-studio consisted of  different generations!!! The program of this concert included such songs as Armenian folk, pop-songs and the songs of other nationalities. But the most pleasant thing was the works of Ashot Aroustamyan which were used by his wards afterwards, and as they noticed later they did it with great pleasure.

“Akunk” art-studio is known not only in Armenia but in abroad as well.

They ewre travelling round the world with great ammount of different programs.

They were also in Iran in Tavris and Urmia cities and were deserved letters of thanks , diplomas and became  laureate.

I am also thankful to this art-studio send my best congradulations to Mr. Ashot Aroustamyan and his wards for the  excellent performance and I hope that the reader will say the same if he were in Abovyan.
And “Akunk” art-studio will exist while the song is hoavering on our planet

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