Grigor Hambaryan

Abovyan is famous with his talented singers and musicians; one of them is Grigor Hambaryan.
He was born in 1961. From 1978 till 1985 he studied at the music school by Arno Babajanyan in a vocal faculty. In 1985 he entered Yerevan State Academy of Music by Komitas and studied 5 years in a vocal faculty.
Now he sings in an old musical ensemble ” Sharakan”.
His repertory is of many genres. They can be ecclesiastical or sacred, classical, folk, patriotic, goosan and even Komitass songs. His concerts took place in
Moscow, Leningrad ( Sankt- Peterburg), Tallinn, France, USA

In 1994 he founded childs choir “Erzrum” and became its art-adviser. This choir with its songs  visited many Marzes, cities in our Republic and even Artsakh. The  choirs repertory also includes some songs of Komitas, Sharakon, patriotic, folk, goosan pop songs and others…
In 1996 he participated in festival “Awakening 96″ and took the second place. In the same year he also participated in competition ” My Independent Motherland is five” and won the first place.
He is also a prize-winner of many different festivals.


Click to download the songs ARAVOT LUSO or SAYAT NOVA  in wma format!


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