The Greatest artist of all times for George Nazaryan is God

George was born in 1967 in Tehran, Iran. Soon his family moves to Abovyan city, Armenia, where he goes to school and to the Academy of Fine Arts simultaneously.


His abilities for painting came up very early. “If I dig very deep into my memory, I can see my first “mature” picture – the Red Hood, that I drew when I was 6″.

After finishing the Academy he takes designing classes in Novgorod, Russia. Here is when he take up painting seriously. “I don’t have a definite style.

I would say it’s mixed – realistic, abstract and sometimes hyper realistic”.

George is married and has two children- a son and a daughter. Two children in real life and millions more in the world of colors. “I love all the colors equally strong. Can you love one of your children more or less than the others?!” For George painting is a means of expressing oneself, expressing and showing human struggle against natural phenomena.

That’s why in all his “nature” pictures we see the presence of human factor. For painting he would choose Australia, as there is rich material there, starting with dense jungles and finishing with deserts. “Painting for me is serving the human Art through Beauty”.




From the pictures he has painted so far his favorite one is the “Ruined Castles”, painted in 1985 on Artsakh topic, where the moon on the other side of the river symbolizes Turkish influence and on this side we behold an awesome sunrise…

The Greatest artist of all times for George is God, while all the so-called art people are only desperately trying to copy and be as close as possible to whatever He has created… Still, from the “desperate copiers” he most of all enjoys the works of Grigor Khanjian and Potpomogov.


“When people buy my paintings, at first I feel some pride flowing into my heart, then the sharp feeling of longing envelops me, later on turning into a stimulus for new creations and strength for this inevitable process.



He has found his place under the Sun and he believes that an artist should talk little, because if one is that good in talking, then he should be in another branch of art – Literature.  

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