Theatre life in Abovyan city

In the 80-ies Abovyan city celebrated the opening of the first company of actors in the House of Culture. The first performance was called “Charlies Aunt” (the producer is Mr. Sasha Gharakhanyan ).

In the second half 80-ies the company was completed with young staff. As they were not satisfied with being amateur the went to study in different cultural educational establishments of Armenia and came back as professionals. Some of them were rather successful and till now they go on working. The pothers left this hard work or just left the country.

One of such successful artists is Armen Karapetyan. He was born in 1967. Armen graduated from the studio of Armenian Theatrical Society (1983-1985) Later he studied at the State Arts Theatrical Institute (1988-1992) in the department of drama and film actor.

In 1991 a new young cultural ensemble “Nazenik” was founded in Abovyan city. and he bacame its art-adviser. Even was a producer in dramatic theatre . From 1994 to 1996 he worked at the theatre “Metro” in Yerevan as an actor and its producer at the same time. In 1996-1998 he was a soloist and producer at “Hayer” group which belonged to Nadezhda Sargsyan. In 1996 he begins to work at Yerevan State Institute as a lecturer of the art of acting.
From 1998 to 2002 he worked at the theatrical group “Bohemia” in Paris (the art-adviser is Mr. Narek Douryan).From 2003 he works at Armenian Evangelical Company in the nursery theatrical group in Abovyan city. On the 5-th of May, 2004 he was rewarded a special trade-union diploma. As he says “Im happy as I studied at two the best workshops (Alexander Kocharyan, a member of classic theatre and Nikolay Tsatouryan, a member of modern theater) and worked with Narek Douryan who had a unique comical style”.

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