Song about stone

Stones has been the unseparatable part of the Armanians. They have erected centuries by stones, engraved their history that has passed. This is the Armenians typical image.


Song about stone” literary-musical matinee which was devoted to the 90 anniversary of Hamo Sahyan was organized by the employees of the museum of Armenian-Russian peoples relationship and was held on July 16, at 1500. Hamo Sahyan has been and remains “the translator of stones” who has transferred the history of Armenian nation to us. He used to say” I wish I were sitting on the stone and telling about my life that passed”. Armenian genius have assigned the power and yearn of our mother-land and the wealth of our stony land. Every country knows that cross- stone is the symbol of Armenia.

 “Wherever I look, I see stony mountains, stony trumpets, stony drums, stony-crosses and a range of stones”.

We have protected ourselves with stones

We have took shelter behind the rocks

We have built temples, churches, castles and fortresses, bridges and stony other building.

They are as fort as the will as the Armenians. The Armenian nation has been born in the stones, has played with stones, has built such stony building as Tatev, Noravanq, Echmiatsin etc.

And it is not contingent that more than 24 ancient obelisks of the world are in Armenia. And it is not accidental that they have been transformed with the shape of inscription left on the stones.

It is worthy to mention King Argishti who founded Erebuni in 782 a.d.

My dear reader you can tell with pride that Armenian stones are painted with 7 colors of rain-bow. Yes we are strong, we have tough, we are made of stones and we will exist from centuries to centuries wherever we are.  

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