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 Once upon a time, in an unknown seashore of world was living a fish – tiny- truesayer  which was earning it’s own living. It didn’t know much about its origin.  They said that during the storm little pretty fish was founded in an unconscious position and had been taken to the infant – house where it had been growing big.


It was not accepted by the other sort of fishes as our tiny – fish had quite different spaces. Every time it felt some kind of envy in the bottom of its soul when saw that it’s neighbor fishes had made an unselfish friendship and paid a visit to each other in a lovely way. Almost everyone pitied the tiny – truesayer and the reason wasn’t the early orphanage but the unpleasantness that was the result of it’s definite honest saying. Recently marine strategic court was nearly to sentence to death tiny – fish for the simple reason that our truesayer dared to say that the fishes which had born in the Black seashore had nothing special and didn’t differ of anything from the fishes of their sea as generally the fishes must be differ not due to their origin but thanks to their moral and physical aptness.

It wasn’t easy for the Special Council of Emigrant Fishes to mitigate the judgment. The head of the SCEF appealed the court with an open letter, which was following: “ Dear court luckily truesayer had appeared in our country and became totally it’s member. While examining it’s biology we found out too many facts which announced that this fish had made too many services for our society. Tiny – fish regretted that it showed intolerable approach to our policy. So we appeal the court to surmount the judgment and accept the sentence that forbade the defendant to speak within a year. And of course the SCEF took the defendant’s whole responsibility to it’s shoulders. In it’s turn the truesayer’s neighbor barrister – the longnecker – crayfish had interceded for our tiny fish, anyway the court declared the verdict  :

a)           to cut the tongue of truesayer

b)           to forbid the tiny fish to swim deep in the sea

c)           to forbid to enter the administrative centers of seashore

The verdict  really was  too cruel.


With the advice of relatives the truesayer appealed the king of seashore sharp tooth – shark. Fortunately little fish was given forgiveness, it only had to work hardly in the dirty water for three months. They said, after the verdict a fish named fat belly which had been growing in the same infant – house with truesayer, remembered their early friendship, bribed the director of the dirty water colony and the truesayer was only registered as a defendant but in reality it lived illegally in the house of fat belly till the end of the punishment. Just like this our truesayer was spending its life.


One day little fish heard that in their seashore had emigrated foreign fishes just like it’s sort and hurried to the emigrants. Its heart was biting strongly as it was the only opportunity to get some information about it’s( fisher’s) origin. The way was not long. Little fish knew where the emigrants usually get place that’s why fish rushed there without stopping and entered the residence very confused, greeted everybody but unfortunately there wasn’t anybody who paid any attention to tiny fish.

Deciding that the tiresome way was the occasion the little fish couldn’t greet them very properly truesayer greeted them in this time loudly and joyfully, but again there wasn’t any answer. Very strong feeling arises in the soul of  the  fish and couldn’t believe that its native country’s fishes could be so indifferent to the same member of their tribe.

Truesayer gowned and was conscious its unpleasant situation and suddenly chocked with tears. It made too many decisions like – may be they were deaf- and- dumb or blind, or may be they had not habit to make a conversation with strange and untrustful fishes, or may be they didn’t belong to it’s tribe at all. Such things were crossing to it’s mind and suddenly a cry dinned into it’s ears:

– Oh, ran away, quickly  launch, hurry up, people came.

It was an indescribable scene. Among the emigrant  fishes a mess, pell-mell arises, they delivered, went to and fro without realizing to which direction to go to. One of them tapped the truesayer and cried to the fish with hatred:

–  Why are you standing like a stone, stupid, hurry up escape.


Without understanding what was going on, tiny fish created a panic and ran without knowing where and the situation will continue like this if the head of the emigrant tribe wouldn’t ordered very severely :

–  Calm down, there is not any launch , this seashore is unfamiliar to human beings, may be it seemed to you.

The school stopped making noise and swan into the cistern. As the truesayer didn’t understand the meaning of the words like – “ people “ and “ launch” ,with an indefinite face the fish approached to the boss of the tribe and asked:

–  Dear boss, my name is truesayer, cruel fortune made me appear in this seashore. I have no idea and news from my relatives, if you know something about them please say me.

The old boss examined the little fish and noticing some alikeness with somebody answered:

–  Of course, truesayer you are here, certainly, come on baby, I want to see you. Oh, you know your parents were too sad when the storm took you from us away. Pity, your parents will be too glad seeing you here, but unfortunately they are not alive now. Your father was a benefactor fish. Your relatives with other fishes fell into the hunting – net. The group of people called 67 fished all of them.

That fact sadden the little fish but the curiosity made truesayer asked what meant  that incomprehensible words, which the fish neither heard nor read.

–  To tell the truth, I… ,- spoke the head of the tribe,- to a moment forgot that you have grew here and naturally you don’t know what has happened in our country. Outside the water expanse, in the ground live human beings, who have rational aptness. This people is so intelligent that can harmonize the nature with their living but unfortunately the most delicious meal they prefer is the fish- I mean – us. That’s why they made a genocide towards the fish to please their stomach. After fishing mankind called our seashore “ Red Belt” and our sort was written in the “Red Book” to give us chance to multiply and again to fish. Guessing our black future, we – the rest who survived – preferred to emigrate and after crossing too many coasts we reached to this seashore.

– It is pity, it is very pity ,- spoke truesayer after having heard the story,- but the past stayed in the past. Now when you are already here nobody will hurt you. I’ll speak with the local government, we’ll get their trust and we’ll live together , we’ll multiply and we’ll find our peace again.

– These are only the words. my dear. it is not the first country, where the fish consider us like a foreigner and the local government won’t accept us ever. Every seashore has its own constitution, its own rules, which are very complex and difficult to adopt .

–  Be careless and negligent,- tried to console him truesayer,- our seashore is located at a distance, it is unknown, and if the human beings tend to reach here we’ll decide what to do, in our country we have many wise men…

Its speech left unfinished. Among the fishes began the same mass. The lamentation was created in the seashore. The boss of the tribe heard the voice of the launch 915 group, who ordered very severely.

– Stop Machines.Take down the group of experts…

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