The painter puts all his efforts into his work, then sells it and feels sorry!

“I don’t think I deserve or will ever deserve to be called a real artist. Art is like the boundless galaxy, where, no matter how hard you try, you can never count down the stars, and here too, no matter how hard you paint, you never reach the desired title of a real artist”.

Born in May 9, 1960 in Tehran, Iran Hrayr Artavazd Saroukhanian’s family moved to Abovyan, Armenia, when he was 13. After graduating from the local high school, he entered the YerevanStateArtAcademy.

His first painting was the photo of his uncle’s fianc, which he really liked, but had to get apart from it, giving it as a gift to the young lady.


Hrayr is married “to the most beautiful woman of the world” and has a son and a daughter.



His style of painting is impressionism or modern realism. “My style is painting without a brush, using palette knife, spatula”. He likes to paint nature and considers himself a very true particle of it, changing all the time from being sad to happy, indifferent and cold, mysterious and plain…

When painting marine pictures Hrayr inspries himself by Makhokhyan’s works and when painting nature – by Bashinjaghian’s.

If not an artist Hrayr would like to be a very good blacksmith, but not a poor-qualified gold-smith. With his inborn talent Michelangelo is very dear to Hrayr, considering him one of the greatest artists also because of the time period he lived in.

 “Now art resembles fashion. Today long skirts are in fashion, tomorrow minis, the next day jeans. In this century everything develops very rapidly and though art is in a hurry all the time, it doesn’t manage to catch up with this era”.

Hrayr has participated in a number of exhibitions and is going to take part in another one in March 2005. New ideas for painting come to his mind all the time, but there is one thing he would like to do, if he becomes a real artist – painting of all the songs of Arthur Meshchian.


Hrayr thinks that everything is somehow interconnected in this life and he said his favorite color was red only because his gall-bladder was ill.




 One of his paintings is called “Movement” or “Look for it and you will find it”, where we see numerous human figures each picturing a certain state – happiness, fatigue, tranquility, etc. “I don’t have a favorite painting, I love all of them. And just like a prostitute, who sells herself for money and feels sorry afterwards, the painter too, puts all his efforts into his work, then sells it and feels sorry”. 

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