Anahid Kirakosyan (mezzo – soprano):Phenomenal citizen of Abovyan city

In the life nothing is gained easily especially the audience’s love, attention and storm of applauses.


We have honor to represent you one soloist who removed from Yerevan to Abovyan (when she was only 4years old) to create and live here forever. She was born to sing and with the help of her gifted talent to astonish the music – lovers not only in home but also in abroad. Ahahit Kirakosyan – here she is who presented her musical abilities since when she has studied in the musical school after Zareh Sahakyan. Then she continued her study in the Yerevan state conservatoire – the faculty of opera. But in all her heart and soul she adored jazz music. She has graduated as a specialist of theory. As she couldn’t adjust with the opera, since 1982 she sang jazz music. Then she met Tatevik Sazandaryanin and studied to her.

In the musical family she has grinded, developed and one day when she wakes up she feels and realizes that she was born to be an opera soloist. She considers that from here her carrier has begun. Opera is a musical art which has already established and formed, it is very capricious and whelmed and the singer should go up in order the audience accept her.


The first opera role was Parandzem(Arshak II). “After that role I fell in love with opera” (Anahit Kirakosyan). She worked 4 years with Ohan Duryan and performed his romances. In one occasion Ohan Duryan said: “I consider Anahit Kirakosyan the best mezzo – soprano in Armenia. I am surprised and admired”. Anahit continued to reveal herself almost on every stage in the Armenia and gained the audience’s admiration and bust of applauses. Her repertoires were – “Anush” opera, “The magic pipe” (Mozart), “Karmen” (Georges Bizet), etc. etc.


Anahit Kirakosyan is very efficient not only in the opera but also she professionally sings Komitas, national songs, folklores, romances, arias and so on. She is the only soloist in the Abovyan city. When the Abovyan mayor was Grigor Voskertchyan, Anahit was honored officially – the fist artist of the Abovyan but it stayed as a very nice decorated “Paper”. She has acted only twice before her citizens. As the Abovyan city has forgotten Anahit Kirakosyan totally, soon she got too many invitations from different countries. She became very famous in Russian – Moscow, Voronej, Saratov, Kursk, Fatej, Ariol and in Germany. In 2002 Ahahit Kirakosyan became the laureate of 5th International Musical Festival after G. Sviridov, in Moscow. And here the world-wide opera singer Irina Arkhipova celebrated and greeted Anahit Kirakosyan for being so professional in this sphere. She performed the “Troubadour” (Verdi) opera the role Azuchena on the stages of Saratov, Voronej. In 2002, June the 6th, she was again invited to Voronej to perform “The Reqviem” of Verdi. And soon she became more popular in outside than in the home. After singing on many famous stages, she could hardly answer the question: “If in the Abovyan city exists the audience who appreciates opera”. “I can’t say exactly as I didn’t have performances for ages in my native town”. (Anahit Kirakosyan).


After having so much success, Anahit was invited to live in Moscow and work in the Opera Bolshoj (Great) Theatre but she refused the invitation for some reasons.


In 2003 Anahit was invited to Saratove’s Academic and Ballet Theatre to present the “Troubadour” of Verdi. This invitation’s followed the city Kursk where she had solo concert with the symphonic orchestra in the Hall of Philharmonic. Then she had the other solo concert in Voronej again with symphonic orchestra.


Now she is preparing such Russian performances as “Lord Igor”, “Norma” of Belini in order to play in near future. Till 2005 February, Anahit is invited to Germany the city Munich.


We can speak much about Anahit Kirakosyan, to number her solo concerts and invitations, but let’s wish her to be on the big stages of the world and gain the most demanding audience’s stand applauses.

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