Herunet as a precondition of accomplishing the virtual society in Abovyan city

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Internet appeared in its incipiency in Armenia for the time of 90s, but for many years the feasibility of caring out the Dial Up connection was rather impossible in Abovyan city. Only in 2002 had been made the first attempts in this sphere the premier internet club was opened which couldnt secure the demands of the Abovyan internet users as this city had a great request. Although the fact of opening internet clubs existence in turn was quite gratifying but the problem of satisfying high speed was still left unsolved.

Talking about such field it is worth to mention that it was impossible to form prerequisites for internet development in this city for the following occasions on the one hand the bad state of rendering services, on the other hand the lack of users knowledge level, and also the “exclusive” limitations of Armentel in the domain of communication.

The scantiness of Dial Up services level became a hard process for having internet at home and also pleasant case when finally the connection was settled after many inconvenient attempts. Thought the service level of Dial Up improves day by day (for being profitable) but its speed will always depend on transmission abilities of  phone lines and wont meet the advanced internet users demands… 

Nevertheless, in this monotonous condition appears one expected concept i.e. Herunet makes a way to this area, which besides being an internet club, disposing Dial Up service, make an audacious step to create an internet interconnected Net-LAN in the whole city.

The city Net-Shell which is already fulfilled fact let make a possibility to connect with internet without any other efforts (which is typical to Dial Up). The exchange of data, facts realizes for many times faster and more reliable thanks to this solution, which means that internet besides being simply E-mail and entertaining factor fluently turns into a serious business spur for the whole city.

For instance this means let our enterprisers lead their deals flexible let the programmers  work with their clients (if there are) more relaible, and safe. Above mentioned internet entertainments change their quality as well and create preconditions for accomplishing full virtual society.

In the efforts of company “Herunet”, founded in 2004 Dec.1st with the head of Samvel Kamalyan, all possibilities exist that the residents of Abovyan scattered all over the world can see and talk with each other due to computer i.e. internet, the schoolchildren try to enlarge their knowledge going deeper into the international studying institutions, take an opportunity to make use of internet distance learning possibilities, to participate in various competitions, to define and compare their knowledge more exactly, or to make new friendships in chat rooms. Young businessmen look for partners in business forums, to get acquainted with the competitors, to value their power in international fields for revealing and expressing their own abilities in future.

The establishment of “Herunet” is one more case to carry out the hotel like position of the Abovyan and turn into an independent status of city.

Besides the Net-Shell, Herunet plans to give free essential information about internet to the citizens, to dispose free internet entertainments, it is planed to create powerful hosting servers for games, E-mails, data files like program, musical etc. as pointed out the director of the companys technical department Michael Karakhanyan.   

Abovyan city former rich with technical cadres due to Herunet can restore its ex- image and become a city model with developed informational technology which is the main feature in nowadays economical strategy of the Republic of Armenia.  

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