You are worthy of the title “Hero”

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Arcakh Buniatyan was born in 1939, March 2nd in Gharabagh (Arcakh), in the Martakert’s village called Mets Shen. He has entered the medical institute in 1959, the surgical department and in 1965 graduated from it. After he has been sent on business to the Kaliningrad province, city Adbasar and till 1968 he has been working in the hospital as surgeon, then continued his activities in the Leninakan’s (Gyumri) railway-hospital. At the end of the same year he has moved to Abovyan city and worked here till 1992.

He was active member of the Arcakh movement. The press published his poems, publicizing articles with great pleasure. For his honest and diligence work the entire population of Abovyan city and the Kotayk region treat Arcakh Buniatyan with profound respect. Thus in 1988-1989, during in national excitements, in Abovyan’s stadium the citizens gifted him the name ARCAKH (real name is Dalton) which he bears with love and pride.

When the peace of his fatherland was under the danger, since the spring of 1992 up to the winter of 1995 he has been working in the staff of movable hospital as a surgeon. And he worked with great enthusiasm. So in 1997 he was sent to the Lachin (Berdzor) with the request of the citizen and benefactor of USA Charles Davis and works till now as the chief doctor of the central hospital which serves more than 58 village’s inhabitants. The cause of Davis’ stride was the patriot doctor’s straight behavior. 

Respectable Arcakh, the son the Arcakh, Arcakh war discovered you as a son of the nation, as the doctor-hero who left for the front voluntarily…And you were not only saving the fighting hero with the scalpel but you were struggling, crying with hard and unbearable male’s tears when you were powerless and feeble for saving…And a grief of that dreadful pain and lost turned into a story under your pen. So you became the doctor-chronicler of this new heroic battle and told yourself, sitting in front of your soul’s vestry…You wrote about your condemned soul, country, sky, ground that in the name of the “Bloody day” directed to the world’s conscience. Each operation itself was the means that your heart’s light and tenderness believe and hope mixed with their fighting scarlet blood. And when you would close your tortured eyes for having a rest a little, you took the pen for noting again and again, your hopes and anxiety transform to the paper. Nevertheless, as a new Eghishe you wrote our new Avarayr battle – the story of Arcakh struggle…Recently came into being the 4th volume which you called “Blood price”. Yes, we paid much price for every deliberated piece of ground and the one who paid very expensively was you. As you used to say that your 100 year has passed long ago i.e. the sorrow of your nation and unfair story made you look older but on the second day of the spring, 2005 you became only 66 years old. Happy birthday and let you be only the solder of the peaceful days…

You are worthy of all the accepted rewards for your service – “Mkhitar Heraci”, “Fighting cross of 2nd degree” and “Garegin Ndzdeh”.

You are worthy of the title “hero” as you have lived like that and moreover you continue to do it now. 




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