Ararat Kharatyan “As far as I exist I am yours, if not – to the hell”


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In 1980, on October the 2nd, at the 7-8 o’clock AM (I don’t know exactly the time), in Abovyan city I was born…and in the same day my name was baptized, which is more my grandfathers than mine – Ararat Kharatyan. So within one year I was taken to the kinder garden with brawl and bully, then I studied for 8 years in # 10 school and as I was “smart” pupil I was moved to the # 5 school and I finished my 10 grade with “honor and glory”. As from the age of 14 he has been working in the Abovyan Dramatic Theatre and crazy of this sphere, he has decided to become an actor. So at once he has applied for the Yerevan State University of Theatre and Cinema: “I couldn’t pass the exams as the commission thought I had poor artistic abilities. But I didn’t loose my hope, so I applied for the second time and entered (hurrah) the faculty of dramatic theatre and film. I studied in the studio of Zaven Tatinyanc. The latest one baptized me an actor”.


Now Ararat works in the “Armenia” TV and “Narek” TV as artist and announcer. “I like very much television, but I can’t compare it with the theatre”. He dreams to cast in the movie, I want to mark that there were suggestions, but the films weren’t cast in some causes. Besides theatre, film and television, he likes also music (here my darling Aro, I want to say that hardly someone can be found who doesn’t like music, so…) and he takes some attempts to break into a musical domain.    



He likes his city particularly the yard where he has grew up (3rd district, home 12) and he really cares and sorry for the fact that many doors of the apartments are closed in Abovyan…Thought he made a very joyful and brisk impression on people at first sight, but… (Here he became sad) “I offend people for two times a year, but I am hurt for 362 days a year”. I asked whether I have ever hurt him, he stayed calm and as the silence is the sign of the agreement, it means I have offended him. But when? Ararat took umbrage saying: “There are people who don’t get in touch with me giving reasons that I am arrogant. But certainly it is wrong as I am very associable, immediate and frank. And I appreciate these characters in people like honesty, frankness, the ability of seeing and estimating the beauty”. Ararat has very big friend’s associate but has very few devoted friends whom he likes very much and is proud of. Friends think that Aro is abnormal and in many cases he doesn’t take into consideration their opinions, but according to him: “It is not like that, after my family my friends are at the first place, particularly the ones from my childhood whom I adore but I have never told them about it”.



“I like very much the girls (I have convinced in it) especially the girls who are beautiful with soul. Thanks God I am not married, unfortunately I haven’t children”. Aro dreams of having a pretty small daughter. This is seriously. French saying says that dreaming is gratuitous and as the all normal people Aro dreams to sleep at night calmly, which he can’t do for many years.



As you are also convinced, humor helps him in living: “If there isn’t humor I can’t stand in living and I advise everybody to approach to the difficulties with humor in order not to get old early”. And because of that all his programs, irrespective of the theme, turns into a humor. Aro likes to be well – known but not to be in the centre of the attention. Ah, Armenian youth should be like that and after thinking a long he replied: “The Armenian youth must be; 1. difficult question, 2. very difficult question and 3. must be crazy in love which will help him to be active, creative, “mad” and actually a broad – minded person”. Ah, Aro, Aro…As his dream is on, he dreams to have a car and his own sound-recording studio. “I want to greet one person with great pleasure whom I missed very much, it is my grandfather – the elder Ararat Kharatyan.  He lives in the state Ohio, city Cleveland. And as Aro is sure that his relatives will read about him in the wants to greet them, his uncle Garnik and aunt Manushak. “I haven’t seen my aunt ever, and one of my dreams is to see her in Armenia“. Aro’s customary craziness is his virtual love – Lilit, who lives in Orensburgh city: “I want to say that I haven’t forgotten her and I am not sure that I will forget”.    



And as the end, whether he is good or bad no matter it is our Ararat, and wherever he is and to what heights he approaches, he is the citizen of Abovyan…  


And at the very ending from his name; “As far as I exist I am yours, if not – to the hell…”


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