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Almost becoming a tradition, the recurrent festive exaltation burst in square of the Abovyan municipality.This time it was dedicated to the academic year.

New academic years mysterious fest devoted to the dreamy youngsters accompanied with grown-ups and the ones who are crazy about the dance and song carried out with the efforts of the mayor K. Israelyan and the famous beneficial Gagik Tsarukyan.  


Many popular artists participated in this event and Srbuhi Qeqejyan, Lilit Karapetyan, Karine Movsisyan, inimitable Zara, the alumni of the “Akunq” and the collage of Estrada and jazz spread warmness among the audiences hearts, and the most important fact is that the square clanked with the Abovyan young citizen i.e. our schoolchildren representing the basis of our future. 


Dear schoolchildren the web-site also joins to all the congratulations and wish all of you health and success in studies. 


Dear reader wherever you are, if you want to send a message to your former teacher or a school, you can be in a contact by the mail address and well print it and pass to the addressee. 



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