Phenomenal ability has always been with the harmony of people

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On the 9th of October, the elections of the institutions of local authorities will be held in Abovyan city. For this occasion we had a talk with the nowadays mayor K. Israelyan, and it turned out that he is the only candidate till now. Why there aren’t the other candidates, the mayor explained in this way: 



          I must be vulnerable in order to face to the others, and if a close person does it, so I’m sure the majority of the people is with me. I’ll give promises only after the elections and I can’t tolerate any kind of infringement. For introducing my citizens about my activities, as an issue I state that the next publishing of the journal “Government” is totally dedicated to the activities of the municipality and the city’s local life. As well we are casting a special film about our city which will be shown in USA to the Armenian Diaspora for bringing them up-to-date. 


          Mr. Israelyan do you have any kind of problems with the mass- media? 


          Yes, I do, as they can’t catch the politics deeply, that’s why they illustrate the facts distorted. I have an idea of establishing a powerful studio and make it federal.  


          In each society the intelligentsia is the primary basis which creates spiritual values and establish criterion.  What do you think, in Abovyan city is that stratum formed?  


          Now, it seems to me all is upside-down. Of course there are some intelligentsias whom I really accept. But in our city activates just 2 or 3 intelligentsias’ communities the majority of the member I don’t accept. Only the education is not enough, they should be devoted in order to be called intelligentsias; “Lie intelligentsia” is just refused by me.    


          During the Soviet times sometimes they praised upon the leaders without criticizing them. Are you agree that the successful leaders shan’t be lauded? And as you are not implicated in praises, how do you prevent them? 


          Certainly, it’s not worthy of only praising and I think, first the leader must be oriented and has the ability of differentiating the “flattering” and the one who is really needy.   


          Do you have any measures or solutions of differentiating them?  


          My life experience is just enough. Let the flattering one first helps his relative then the authority. And if I haven’t the ability of differentiating them, I’ll be with them, but of course now I am with my people.  


          Very often the skillful leader prepares his offspring himself which can be a young one. Have you ever thought of about this? 


 Why not? 6 years ago, I made a testing and I tried to accept the municipality’s employees in competitive way and I could work with kind, frank persons in these 6 years. In these years I have made so much craziness; in a week I fired really many people. I think that we should teach the city’s clever youngsters and show the way how to go for. To tell the truth, I am fed up of politics and I’m sure only the kind person can take my deal up. Now the majority of people pay a great attention to the city’s beauty but we should think over the theme like the progress of the youngsters. And I’m sure I’ll never be distracted and I’ll be devoted to my people and principles.    internet site has been activating for 3 years. What can you say about it? 


          First I want to express my gratitude that it has been founded and moreover it’s not based on politics. Well, because of the luck of the time I can’t follow the sites current news often but I hear from my fellows and relatives a lot. I’m very glad and proud that we can demonstrate our city to the Diaspora in a proper way. I wish you good luck and publish as much news as possible.


Mr. mayor lately you have deserved the medal named Fridtjof Nansen, for this occasion we congratulate you. So, for some reasons we weren’t informed about it in order to illustrate the item in our site and we are really sorry. But I’m sure that the reward that is gifted to the mayor is directed to each citizen of Abovyan including us. As you say, Abovyan is the city of kind people; it has creative and purposeful youngsters. So, attaching importance to this fact, I think that your leader’s phenomenal ability has always been with the harmony of people’s wishes and the result is the nowadays green, gentile and kind Abovyan. We congratulate you for all the achievements that you’ve got and wish more success for prosperity of our city.   






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