The main “Vozni” (Hedgehog) of the Republic visits the Abovyan

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On the 5th of October the main Hedgehog of the republic visits the Abovyan very slowly but at the same time with inflexible steps. Who has no idea of this name, so we want inform that he is famous for making rhyming,  the editor-in-chief of the comic magazine “Vozni” (Hedgehog), VJ of TV show “Home of laugh”, our lovely “fist class” toastmaster Aramais Sahakyan. Just from the beginning the atmosphere was warm and friendly thanks to Mr. Sahakyan’s humor stories, where have their participation students and pupils and I should confess also we i.e. your obedient servant 

           My wife has no sense of humor, I say I love you and she accepts seriously.

          Once my family and me had gone to Jermuk. We were entertained and respected greatly, so at the end I ask for an account, and the answer was:”Mr. Hedgehog we don’t take account from the animals”.

The meeting was passed in such kind of warm atmosphere accompanied with Abovyan citizens, and for this occasion we express our great thanks to Mr. Garush Hakobyan.


Of course the warmness was mutual; our pupils recited the poetry written by him and the author mentioned: “the poetry was recited much better than I wrote”. Mamikon Badalyan sang some songs the text written again by him, so we can consider the meeting complete.

 – Thanks for your high personality and low salary.



And at the end the “Hedgehog grandfather” distributed his cards to the presents with humorous inscriptions.

We also express our thanks and leave our inscription:


“You have many songs that is very cool,

 “Vozni” name completes your profile as full”.



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