Ladies of the Museum

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The title should be understood in literally as the women employees of the museum of  “Armenian-Russian friendship ” in  Abovyan city do their duty towards culture with great devotion. It should be noted that the eleven of our thirteen museum employees are women: a bunch of stars, who hurry to the museum to do their duties every working day even in very unfavorable weather. Many times we were able to deal with the women of this administration and every time we wondered how they managed to create such a peaceful and friendly atmosph. They  are all mothers and sisters, but culture requires a great devotion. and it’s quite difficult to handle  family and work  together, but none of them  complains. to the question how do they manage to combine it, women answer with one voice .

“It’s possible that sometimes one side suffers, but we are well aware that there is a cultural hunger nowadays, and we try to do our best to eliminate it at least in our little city. Leaving all our family troubles at home, and coming to the museum here we form a big peaceful family. the fact that the women work in the museum of friendship also has its symbolic role, by making them friends. any organized event is the result of their joint work, and if a problem arises , they discuss it and try to find the right solutions. The subject of their debates are infinite and various. as they say half-joking, half-serious.


Perhaps many people will wonder how there can be peaceful conditions and how it’s possible to organize the work right where “so many women are gathered in one place”. we also  wondered about it, and tried to find out the answer not only from them but also from Aramayis Sedrakyan- their chief director. At first it was quite difficult, because each of them has a great personality, but then, knowing them better I realized that they are very patriotic, organized and in some qualitative characteristics they don’t yield to men.
By congratulating them and all the other women and girls with the unimonth of beauty and maternity ,first of all i wish peace to them, and let their everydayconcerns be so few that they can invest all their potential into the culture.

We also congratulate not only the women of museum, but all the other women and girls with the Month of beauty and maternity wishing them infinite strength and energy to do any work with great devotion.


“Any question from the state crucial issues to the smallest household problems may be the topic of discussion.” Despite the fact that the women and girls are of different ages, it doesn’t hinder to work in peaceful conditions. as they mentioned-the young ones bring a new breath, and the old help with them with advices and experiences. The women of the museum actively react to any cultural event, they have formed a tradition to celebrate the holidays and their birthdays together.

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