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On February 29 in Labor and Employment center of Hrazdan a seminar-discussion on “Strengthening the management of military flows in Armenia” took place, which was organized by the Armenian branch of the Czech NGO  “People in need”.

Many journalists from Abovyan, Hrazdan, Martuni, Gavar, Sevan and other regions and cities participated in the seminar, which was designed for different employees of media. The aim of the seminar was to give the journalists more detailed information on the processes happening in the field of RA migration, various signed documents and concepts, which would give the journalists an opportunity to make a more profound and analytical analysis and clearly represent the sphere to the society .

During the meeting the PR manager of the Armenian branch of Czech NGO “People in need” Liana Gyozalyan mentioned in her opening speech that therewere certain omissions in publicizing migration sphere, and such meetings were intended to help the journalists to cover them.

During the meeting the advisor of migration affairs of consulting group of the European Union and Armenia Elonora Vegner gave a speech.” After 2 years of working in Armenia I can clearly see where we can find the solutions to control the processes of the Armenian migration flows. In the level of European Union there are several tools with the help of which it is bossible to realize them. One of them is the mobility partnership declaration”. She thoroughly introduced the “Joint declaration of the mobility partnership between European Union and Armenia” signed on October 27, 2011, its concepts and goals. The policy concept of RA migration state regulation was also introduced to the journalists.

The chief officer of the department of foreign affairs of RA migration state service Haykanush Chobanyan gave a speech. She thoroughly introduced the cooperation in migration issues with European countries, spoke about the readmission agreements, the realization of reuntegration assistance programs after return and the issues related to the regulations of different problems in migration sphere. At the end of the meeting there were discussions, questions and answers between experts and journalists.

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