Gor Abrahamyan

Gor was born on Jan. 14 1976 in Abovian town. After graduating from the local school #1, he enters the Terlemezian  Art  Academy. He is married and has a little baby, a girl.

Surrealism the main style of painting, the artist has exhibited his works in NPAK, NAY  ART  CENTER, in Hrazdan, Abovian towns and in Beirut.


Painting put down its roots in Gor very early, when he tried to draw his first ‘something like a human being’. From man-painting little artist he has now grown into a successful painter, receiving orders from Armenian and Russian churches. Painting doesnt occupy any conscious cells in his heart, it is far deeper in his blood, showing itself as a necessity to breath.

For his life is only a means given to humans for spiritual evolution and painting just contributes to this evolution. But the luxury of life is that all people are unique, there is no second you.

Gor very much likes East and considers himself a pure Easterner. An Easterner, who seeks in art works the artists themselves, and he very much appreciates Rembrandt for being too much of an artist excessively expressed in everything he had done.

As for himself the artist is presently working on a series of elephants in the attempt to depict life.

 His plans for the future include painting the Revelation of Saint John.


Paintings, for him, exist long before they are painted, the artist being just a mere tool for bringing them into life.

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