Every general is not really a General …Andranik is a God gifted exception…

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This year the Armenian nation celebrates the 140 anniversary of General Andranik. He devoted his entire lifetime to the straggle of national-liberation.

The matinee took place in the public associations hall named “Solidarity Renaissance” where had their own speeches the volunteers of the association, the Doctor of History Vladimir Petrosyan, the Abovyan citizens Varuj Aghajanyan with his author songs, Harutyun Stepanyan with his photo-exhibition.

The songs of Varuj were saturated with patriotic spirit, with call of protest shed of innocent blood, and here we ask ourselves:” What for”? Yes, what for Sumgayit, what for Genocide, what for going about caging from people, wandering from one refuge to another without knowing where we are looking for a country…(quotation from the song)?

The Armenian nation has straggled and is still straggling for the answer of this question and searches a way out. The General Andranik – everlasting shinning star in the sky of our nations heroic history which warms all homesick souls. General Andranik the ideal of national hero, who certainly demonstrates each nations dignity and pride.

For this essence we Armenians are lucky to be proud of meditating for a minute upon the fact that there is the call of Andraniks blood in our vein and wont be silent. There are people who present themselves from the name of the nation, but there are people with the name of which the nation presents. 


And it was not accidental, that after the French intellectual Shahan Shahanur would confirm to the world noting: “The Armenian nation during his history conquered 4 tops i.e. Saint Mashtoc, Komitas, Katoghike and Andranik. 

Besides having filled with astonishing talent, the General of Russian army Andranik has been gifted with political providence. Today the last desire of the General has already fulfilled; the ashes of the hero are in his fatherland in the Erablur (three-hilled) pantheon.  

“When in the night you lay the head on the pillow, think over your nation a little” (Andranik).

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