Vow to Ararat

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One should search the peoples fate star not in the sky but in their hearts and nature…
This year was the 24 anniversary of ASALA and “Van” operation. Numerous events are organized both in Armenian and in Diaspora dedicated to ASALA. The Abovyan city wasnt exception as well. With the initiative of Harutyun Stepanyan and support of mayor K. Israelyan was organized a matinee devoted to ASALA.

There were invited “Erzrum” kids band (the head Grigor Hambaryan) and the Yerevan “Karin” singing-dancing group. “To arms” song was sounded… three decades ago it had been demonstrated but this time it was dedicated to ASALA, in the name of Armenian trail, in the name of Armenian revenge and in the name of Armenian existence. In this planet two vows cant be ceased i.e. time and the Armenians, the one destroy while the other reconstruct. Exhausted nation, which suffered, survived and built accompanied with book. Be perpetuated for erecting and creating, this is the Armenian…

Shahan Nataly was the first who founded the Armenian revenge “Nemesis” and was the first who planed and brought about the annihilation of the leaders who realized the Armenian genocide. Later Gurgen Yanikyan again moved ahead the Armenian trail and provoked to humanity. Like Yahikyan thousand of wanderers hearts covered the same volcano for living and demanding the answer. Beeing based on the same purpose the Armenians joined and founded ASALA and they announced the world that their roots are rather profound, so they can be seen wherever the Armenian lives. This day the veterans of ASALA were also there; Alek Enigomshyan, who was declared as a terrorist 25 years ago, but in his trails final speech Alek declared that they are not terrorist, as the terrorist purpose is to frighten, to destroy but their aim is quite different i.e. to straggle for the justice. The Armenian question still exists and its solution should be found.


Vazgen Sisilyan the participant of “Van” operation, who confiscated the Turkish consulate and the people was dispatched the fighters for freedom with singing “Wake up Lao”. And as far as the “Armenian trail” hasnt found its right solution the Armenians lullaby will sound not just sleep but wake up Lao…



Among the guests was also Simon Nairyan, who was the participant of ORL operation which was the heated fight for fighters for freedom. The target was chosen the Turkish air force. The leader of European branch of ASALA Varujan Karapetyan with his fighters Simon Nairyan and Hovhanes Demrjan saved thousand of French-Armenian hostages.


There was a time when the veterans of ASALA fought with weapons but now they make a vow, vow to Ararat….     



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