World Mental Health’s Day

October 10th is the World Mental Health’s Day. Since 1992 International Federation of Mental Health carries out numerous events the aim of which is to concentrate the wide mass’ attention to the basic problem of mental health. For the first time this day was celebrated in our country in 1996 by the Armenian Mental Health Foundation.

Mental Health (MH) is the indivisible part of the health due to which human realizes feelings and emotions, activities in different lifetime’s situations, stresses etc. It expresses in person’s self-appreciations, self-consciousness, in own life and towards the surroundings, conditions the formation of our views and emotions as well as making a choice.

In the course of time we face to different kinds of psychological and mental problems. But very often the opposites are not able to catch the martyr’s sufferings considering it the result of imagination or just lie. And here the friends, trying to help without understanding the sufferer, got angry and advises:” Don’t you feel shame? Just stop and pull yourself together”. Very often nervous and mental diseases are regarded as weakness of character, luck of will and efforts. However the mental and nervous diseases are reality and the attitude toward them i.e. contempt and neglect are not only useless but also harmful and destroying. Whereas corresponding professional interference in time prevents the emergence of hard mental diseases.

Henceforth, numerous mental questions’ solutions you can find in our web-site. You can suggest the themes and questions you are interested in.

Remember, having a problem and run away from it, it’s not the best measure.

If you have problems, just start to solve them yourself, but in case of need apply to the professional.

Take care of your mental health.


Narine Abrahamyan-Tovmasyan

Pictured by Gor Abrahamyan

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